The Bible: What An Incredible Book

by Tom Wacaster
Looking back upon the history of the Bible, it is apparent that this book reveals the ongoing and ever present battle that has been waged through the years between right and wrong, truth and error. Every inch of ground has been hard fought; every truth, every doctrine of revelation, every hope held forth in God's word is bathed in the blood of martyrs. Critics of every age have sought to overthrow the Word of God, to their own destruction and shame. All the resources of infidels, skeptics, and unbelievers have been brought to bear on this marvelous book. But the citadel of truth is impregnable, and the victory goes to those 66 books that have come down to us through the ages. The very existence of the Bible declares its divine origin. It is, indeed, an incredible book. Not only does it dispel the darkness, it also holds forth the lamp for every generation, giving hope to those who long for life, and knowledge for those who seek life's answers. We share with our readers the following tribute to the Bible. Philip Schaff concluded his first volume on the history of the church with these words:

“No book has attracted so much attention, provoked so much opposition, outlived so many persecutions, called forth so much reverence and gratitude, inspired so many noble thoughts and deeds, administered so much comfort and peace from the cradle to the grave to all classes and conditions of men. It is more than a book; it is an institution, an all-pervading omnipresent force, a converting, sanctifying, transforming agency; it rules from the pulpit and the chair; it presides at the family altar; it is the sacred ark of every household, the written conscience of every Christian man, the pillar of cloud by day, the pillar of light by night in the pilgrimage of life. Mankind is bad enough, and human life dark enough with it; but how much worse and how much darker would they be without it? Christianity might live without the letter of the New Testament, but not without the facts and truths which it records and teaches. Were it possible to banish them from the world, the sun of our civilization would be extinguished, and mankind left to midnight darkness, with the dreary prospect of a dreamless and endless Nirvana. But no power on earth or in hell can extinguish that sun. There it shines on the horizon, the king of day, obscured at times by clouds great or small, but breaking through again and again, and shedding light and life from east to west, until the darkest corners of the globe shall be illuminated. The past is secure; God will take care of the future”