The Religious "Radical Right"?

by Tom Wacaster

Howard Dean has recently accused the GOP of being a party of "white-Christian."  His accusation is no new; its only clothed in different garments.  Only a few years ago the liberal media sought to brand the religious element in our society as the "radical right."  By definition, the "religious radical right" is anyone who holds to a belief in God, a concern for moral integrity, and seeks to participate in government or civil matters so as to maintain a sense of stability for this country.   This being a fair analysis of the "radical right," I guess I must confess guilt as a member.  So while we are taking a look at this radical right, let us set forth some of the extreme dangers of this political force in America. These people are tired of crime and injustice and want something done about it. Those in the radical right seek to raise their children to respect and honor the city, state, and federal authorities, and to submit to them in all matters that are right and just.  This little right wing extreme element has a deep respect for life, both the born and the unborn.  The radical right will read their Bibles regularly, pray for this nation’s leaders, pay their taxes (though sometimes with complaint for the ever increasing amount), contribute of their means to charitable causes, seek to maintain a sense of moral stability in their lives, and seek to treat others with dignity and respect for their civil rights.  Yes sir, this little bunch of radicals refuse to protest against the military, riot in the streets, neglect their taxes, spit on or burn the flag, and espouse hatred for our local police or federal authorities.  Yes sir, I suppose that this religious right is just about the most dangerous force that we presently have voicing their opinion in this well ordered country of ours!  This radical right element used to have another name. It was called "American Patriotism."