by Tom Wacaster

I dreamt that heaven's reward had arrived, and I was ushered into that eternal abode with God, Christ and the redeemed of all ages. The angels of heaven accompanied the saints in singing praises unto He Who sat upon the throne. Never before have I had such a magnificent audio sensation as in that dream. The sound of angels and saints blending their voices in majestic strains of that favorite hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross" filled my imagination in what seemed at the moment so real. One can imagine the disappointment upon awakening.

I still dream of heaven, and occasionally the angels singing heaven's song of redemption, but nothing quite as vivid, or as soul stirring as that particular dream more than a decade ago. Dreams are expressions of the sub-conscience as they are played out on the stage of our imagination and thinking. Often illogical, and unrealistic, they sometimes wake us in a cold sweat of fear and anxiety. At other times they sooth our souls with the hopes that lay deep within. I often wonder if our Lord, in His human form, had dreams. And if so, of what did He dream? Anyway, there are those who "dream" of heaven, but not in the sense in which we are using the word. They live lives out of harmony with God's will, and then expect in the final analysis to receive heaven's reward right alongside of the faithful. Such expectations, like a dream in the night, are illogical and unrealistic. Heaven is for the obedient. Anything else is but a dream!